Muskat Ottonel

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Alcohol: 8,0 %
Residual Sugar: 308,2 g/l
Acidity: 7,1 g/l

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In the dark golden yellow you plunge into a sea of delicate rose blossoms and fresh exoticism. The variety of flavors of elderflower puree, muscat notes, peach slices, yellow pears and orange zest is astonishing and delighting to the greatest extent. Creamy in texture with a refreshing interplay of acidity and never weighting you will find the most exciting completion in this elegant charm bolt with the lavender breath in the long finish.

Type of grape

Muskat Ottonel


Fermated 22 month in stainless steel vats.
Drinking temperature: 10-12°

Our recommendations for this wine

Fruity dessert, various petit fours, creme brulee, blue cheese / rich cheese, Foie gras pate

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