Sämling 88 Trockenbeerenauslese
Ried Domkapitel 2021

e 0,375 l
alcohol: 8,5 %
Sugar: 234,9 g/l
acidity: 8,2 g/l

 35,00 inkl. MwSt.


Deep golden yellow with orange reflections; spicy-sweet nuances, candied tangerines and oranges, fresh yellow blossoms and a touch of meadow blossom honey, some lily of the valley from the background, ripe mango and passion fruit and a little white pepper; deep fruit melt, creamy mouthfeel with a wonderfully ripe acid balance, fullness and spiciness combine powerfully and yet dancing to create an unmistakable treasure.

grape variety

Sämling 88


Fermented and stored in steel tanks.
Drinking temperature: 10-12°

our recommendation

Dessert with fruit, fruit slices (seasonal), sponge cake, ice cream and sorbet variations, apricot and plum dumplings, buns, foie gras variations and mature mountain cheese.